Banc 54Banc 54 understands the importance of exceptional service. They have become a prominent boutique investment firm due to their commitment to a personalized customer experience. Founded in 2010, the firm is held in high regard with their investors who enjoy their array of account options, knowledgeable advice and exceptional online trading platform. No matter how much the company expands, they are dedicated to remaining a boutique firm. Personal customer-staff interaction is an integral component to Banc 54’s business model.

Who are they?

Banc 54 was conceptualized as a boutique brokerage, specializing in trading binary options. Starting as a modest operation with a small customer base, they have since expanded to encompass a wider demographic. However, they keep their clientele base limited as they wish to retain a boutique experience for each and every client and enhance personal relationships.

Banc 54 is comprised of the very best brokers and analysts with a collection of extraordinary experience in binary options and various financial markets, in order to provide top quality service. They ensure that clients are offered a diverse education and arrangement of tools in order to help them with their investments. The company finds that its clients’ success reflects as its own success, and therefore is dedicated to making great investment choices.

History behind their practices

Banc 54 notes how the recession of 2008-2009 took a huge toll on the online trading industry. It became very risky for the average trader who was considering delving into a new forum. The entire financial trading market was under the complete control of Forex, Mutual Funds and CFD’s. These products were complicated and geared towards one goal: achieving profit through their clients’ losses. Their impact on the market instituted a monopoly, making average traders accustomed to a specific practice. Following these types of practices was ultimately detrimental to investments.

The market crisis opened up the world’s eyes to the truth behind banks. As financial sectors crashed around the globe, millions of investors lost money. Although the world’s governments bailed out the banks, the average trader was left in a poor position. Investors had lost both their money and their confidence.

Even though the banks had pulled themselves out of a financial hole, their most important assets, the investors, were at a loss. Around the world, people began demanding safer investment environments so as to avoid a similar calamity in the future. They wanted to invest wisely and receive significant returns that were flexible according to a specified time frame. This opened the door to binary option trading – which offered investors a straightforward, simple way to trade with predetermined risks and rewards.

Binary Options

Banc 54 is one of few reliable investment firms who have decided to use binary options. These methods were designed to encourage flexible investing as well as substantial financial rewards. Binary options have attracted a wide audience around the globe since their inception. They allow investors to trade on a variety of market assets. These include:

–          Commodities

–          Stocks

–          Currencies

–          Indices

Investors can rest assured investing their money without having to worry about overextending their capital or portfolio. The introduction of binary options delivered a safe investing environment for traders. They could now relax and remain confident that their investments could provide long and short-term returns.

Banc 54’s Services

Banc 54’s ultimate goal is to help each individual customer make effective investment choices, which is why their brokers offer a wide range of supportive services. Each client is assigned the perfect broker for them to make them a confident trader. Meanwhile, customers who already have experience trading can receive professional training to enhance their abilities and knowledge. Banc 54 brokers will teach clients how to use their knowledge to trade effectively in binary options. The firm uses an award-winning training program that can help clients become better traders. This program is comprised of a variety of courses that delve into:

–          Money Management Strategies

–          Chart Analysis Tactics

–          Financial Calendars

–          Addressing Important Economic Events

The firm utilizes one of the most advanced binary options platforms in the world. Not only is it easy-to-use, but it is designed to produce the most significant returns. Other companies in the industry are lacking several key features that this platform contains.

Some of the features included in the platform are:

–          100 assets that are fully open for trades, with more on the way

–          The ability to add additional assets that may provide additional benefits

–          The ability to customize investments to fulfill an investor’s needs

–          The utilization of a major economic event tracker built into a digital calendar, allowing for easier trades and calculations

–          Combination of aspects of multiple financial websites onto one resource so as to provide the ultimate convenience

The brokers at Banc 54 strive to give their clients the most out of their investments. They have upheld their boutique investment strategies since inception and will remain this way in the future. It is important for a client to feel like they have a personal relationship with their financial advisor. In order to maintain contact, there are multiple platforms that promote efficient communication, including:

–          Email

–          Phone

–          SMS message

–          Online messaging

–          Skype educational sessions

Clients can use these methods to stay up-to-date on all economic events in real time. They can even expect their analyst to call them directly during large-scale economic events to guide them through trading.


Banc 54 enforces the importance of customer service. Someone is always available to speak to a customer, even if their personal broker is not reachable. Their strong commitment to remaining a boutique investment firm has allowed them to uphold great customer service practices.

The relationship between clients and brokers is treasured and nurtured within Banc 54. There is also a dedicated sense of family among the firm’s brokers and they are a very tight-knit group. A majority of the brokers have remained with the company since its inception. They do not hesitate to consult with each other to share insight. They also socialize out of office hours and engage in company trips, most notably when they took some time out to visit Barcelona, Spain a few years ago to watch a soccer match.

Banc 54 provides most of its services through the company’s website, which is exclusive to certain regions. Customers can trade and engage in training sessions all in one comprehensive site, available via computer, tablet or mobile. They also offer the use of an additional, innovative benefit to all active clients, called the Trade Room. This allows investors to access trade-relevant market news articles, gauges and analyst picks.

Banc54 is committed to providing the ultimate, superior customer experience.

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Awesome design, congrats for the new site.

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